Mind over heart

This is a struggle that has gone on with me … This is mind over heart. The mind tells me one thing, the heart tells me something else. True no one actually saw him pull the trigger on the president, but his rifle’s there, his presence in the building were there. What he did after he left the building is known. Bus ride, taxi ride, boarding house, pick up the pistol, shoot the police officer. Eye witnesses there, five or six. You can’t set that aside just because he had said “I’m a patsy.” I’d love to do that but you can not in my mind set that aside. It’s good that people raise questions and say wait a minute let’s take a second look at this. I think that’s great. But when you take the second look and the third and the fortieth and the fiftieth, hey enough’s enough, it’s there, put it to rest
Robert Oswald