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De-registering a BL102-2 handset without a base

The base for my BL102-2 handset recently died due to a power surge. Got a new one because I already had multiple handsets. Then I’m sitting there trying to figure out how to register the handset with the new base. When you have the base the handset is currently registered to it’s easy, there’s a menu option on the base. Without the base it’s, well, easy … if you can find the info.

For my own reference here’s the process:

  • press the [Menu] button, enter *7890#, press [Menu] again
  • you’re now in the system menu for the handset
  • scroll up twice to “REGISTER CLR” and press [Menu]
  • You should see a confirmation message, press [Menu] one last time.

Info found in the Q/A for the BL102-3 on Amazon.


The Story Behind Lee Marvin’s Liberty Valance Smile – The Daily Beast.

The standard guess on Marvin might best be summed up by a writer friend of mine who said, “He looks like he came out of nowhere. He had no father, no mother, just spawned out there in some gulch and has spent his whole life hating the world that vomited him up.” Marvin would love that, for he’s worked hard to create his image. People don’t come over in bars with a glad hand and ruin his lunch. The reason is simple: they’re afraid if they do, he’ll kill them.

What’s Inside The Termite Nest? | Diorama | PBS Digital Studios – YouTube

What’s Inside The Termite Nest? | Diorama | PBS Digital Studios – YouTube.

Man this is just so well done. It actually got me a bit interested in termites. That and the blog that led me to this video: Long live the morbidly obese Termite Queen, and her terrifying army of sweat-licking babies | Running Ponies, Scientific American Blog Network.