The Raw Story.

“Isn’t it a problem when science guys attempt to bully other people?” Cupp asked Nye, before coming to the aid of Heritage Foundation economist Nicholas Loris. “Nick here had to say, ‘I’m not a denier.’ He had to get it out: ‘I’m not a denier.’ Because really, the science group has tried to shame anyone who dares question this, and the point I’m trying to make is, it’s not working with the public.”

It’s a funny thought to imagine a science geek bullying a non-science geek. I’ve no doubt there’s a bit of shaming going on (not by Nye, but from the science community in general), but seriously, people who deny climate change, deny the human impact, or deny that we should be doing something should be ashamed. Still, few people respond well to public shaming … though I really don’t have a clue how to get the point across when a denial it’s refuses to recognize the fact, or cherry picks those facts or statements which conform to their existing beliefs.

What I thought remarkable about the clip is that someone from the Heritage Foundation agreed that a) climate change exists, and b) humans are responsible to some degree.