“‘Why are there so many people in line who need soup?’ The truth is, they need soup because they’re not paid enough…And so, you can scoop soup—or you can…pay people enough so they don’t fucking need to go to the soup kitchen to get their food.” https://t.co/PdqETk1nxk

The candidates didn’t have much space to say anything so most of ‘em said nothing at all (if they even responded). Which is why I appreciate that Michael Bennett started off his response with some actual things we can do. Otherwise this article would have been unremarkable.

Problem: politics, big business, us vs them, people these days, meanies Solution: be nice, work together, “me” It’s platitudes all the way down. https://t.co/xWu7tQfT7L

It me: There’s an early Edith Wharton story where a character observes the constraints of speaking a foreign tongue: “Don’t you know how, in talking a foreign language, even fluently, one says half the time, not what one wants to, but what one can?” https://t.co/ghrvJALGAi

This is, truly, a philosophical ideal for our time. But I imagine it can also lead down a dangerous path for what evidence is truly sufficient in a world that has become so complex. Believing Without Evidence Is Always Morally Wrong https://t.co/XY6BStDDGy