The candidates didn’t have much space to say anything so most of ‘em said nothing at all (if they even responded). Which is why I appreciate that Michael Bennett started off his response with some actual things we can do. Otherwise this article would have been unremarkable.

Problem: politics, big business, us vs them, people these days, meanies Solution: be nice, work together, “me” It’s platitudes all the way down.

It me: There’s an early Edith Wharton story where a character observes the constraints of speaking a foreign tongue: “Don’t you know how, in talking a foreign language, even fluently, one says half the time, not what one wants to, but what one can?”

This is, truly, a philosophical ideal for our time. But I imagine it can also lead down a dangerous path for what evidence is truly sufficient in a world that has become so complex. Believing Without Evidence Is Always Morally Wrong