In 2016 this seemed to humorously capture Trump’s “philosophy” of life. In 2018 it’s now a depressing reminder of a philosophy being embraced in the US.

It’s amazing how some in the Republican party cling to Lincoln and abolition as if the party of today is *anything* like the party of then. It seems highly unlikely that today’s party would do the same. People should push back whenever this comes up.

Though this seems like (no joke) a potentially good area to use the blockchain to vet digital artifact associated with news. It would require buy in throughout the news reporting chain from device manufacturers to software developers to newsrooms. I don’t see that happening.

False audio and video used to spread misinformation is going to slowly destroy truth. Not that we need any more help, we seem to be doing just fine speaking in lies.

Using the right wing perjorative SJW as an attempt to dismiss someone’s arguments is lame. As if social justice, e.g. considering how choices we make as a society affect those who are not permitted to participate in those choices & how we can attempt to do better, is a bad thing.