-moz-column-count > 1 renumbering bug

An ordered list of links that has been styled with the value of -moz-column-count greater than one will show a renumbering bug if the list contains links. Clicking on a link in the last column (on the far right) will result in the list item numbering changing for that column. Clicking two links some other column (or clicking a link then clicking elsewhere on the page) will correct the numbering. For more details and follow-up view the report on bugzilla.

Workaround: The bug seems to express itself onmousedown. If you return false on this event the renumbering will not occur. Click events will still fire, however, meaning that the functionality of the links will still be available.

Tested and confirmed with Firefox on WinXP SP2 and Firefox on OS X 10.4

One Column | Two Columns | Three Columns | Four Columns | Five Columns

onClick=return false | onMouseDown=return false | onMouseUp=return false

Note: The JS style switcher and event modification is just to simplify the presentation of the test case and workaround. I've tested without the JavaScript style switching or workaround and the problem is still there. If you're skeptical please view the non-JS version of this page.

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