Date: 06-29-2009

Student: courtney   brossoit                                                        Course: Digital Media 9                                                                         Credit: 6

Student Data:

Home District: 36         Home School: A J McLellan Elementary

Course Data:

Planned Start Date: jan 2008                                       Planned End Date: jan 2011

Status: A J McLellan Elementary                                                                                             Current Grade in Course: 90.47



Comments: Nice job

Course Grade Details:

text of Heading 1 on page 2

act titlegrade titledate title
Email to Teacher5/509-30-2008
Favorite Websites10/1011-17-2008
MS Word - Drop Caps19/2011-04-2008
Letterhead AssignmentN/AN/A
Business Letter & Product Schematic InstructionsN/AN/A
"Million Dollars" - Assignment Description (backup)N/AN/A
MS PowerPoint Assignment17/2009-25-2008
Web Aware PowerPoint - Overview25/5002-03-2009
Assignment 11 - PowerPoint Image ReportN/AN/A
Intro to Photoshop10/1010-27-2008
Assignment 7 - Cloned Animals10/1011-04-2008
Photoshop - "Put yourself in the Picture"10/1011-04-2008
Magazine Advertisement InstructionsN/AN/A
Logo Creation AssignmentN/AN/A
Turn Yourself into a Cartoon9/1011-17-2008
Excel AssignmentN/AN/A
Greeting Card Instructions10/1001-07-2009
Create an Advertising Poster10/1012-05-2008
Digital Video Editing InstructionsN/AN/A
Animated Gif InstructionsN/AN/A
Create a Flash Animation using Macromedia "Flash."N/AN/A
Product Web Page InstructionsN/AN/A
Online Game Survey10/1001-07-2009
Market ResearchN/AN/A
Logo Research AssignmentN/AN/A
Assignment11-Bonus (maze)N/AN/A
File Management Check - 1N/AN/A
File Management Check - 2N/AN/A
File Management Check - 3N/AN/A
File Management Check - 4N/AN/A
ATRT 1 - techniqueN/AN/A
ATRT 1 - speedN/AN/A
ATRT 2 - techniqueN/AN/A
ATRT 2 - speedN/AN/A
ATRT 3 - techniqueN/AN/A
Behavior NotesN/AN/A
Daily JournalN/AN/A